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This Is Reflexion


Spiritual Community

Jesus Christ is the heart and soul of Reflexion, the foundation on which we are built. From the beginning of his earthly ministry to the present, communities of followers have formed around him. We enjoy spending time together, sharing our experiences and what we have learned from God, without passing judgment on anyone, clubbing each other with Bible verses, or acting as if any of us have attained to sainthood. We are human. We present ourselves to God and each other as we are. God always meets us where we are and by his grace we move forward from there.

Spiritual Journey

Reflexion is a spiritual community that formed spontaneously around a shared desire to experience ongoing progress in our life in God. We do not have a “strategic plan” for the future, because God’s Spirit is in charge of the direction we are moving and the dimensions in which we are growing. We seek to remain sensitive to what the Spirit is doing in each present moment. It is important to us that we are traveling together.

The Scriptures

We expect the Scriptures to shape our understanding of Jesus Christ, give us a clear picture of his teaching, and connect our spirit to his Spirit, giving God a really good grip on our lives so he can turn us toward what he wants us to be doing in the world for his sake.

Contemplative Prayer

We listen to God in the Scriptures and also in the stillness and silence of contemplative prayer. We make time to set aside every other thought and feeling, to concentrate all our heart, mind, and spirit on God and the quiet whisper of his voice. We realize that the development of ongoing awareness of God’s presence is the project of a lifetime and that our progress is step by step. But the Spirit of God guides this process, so whether we grow rapidly or slowly depends on him and what he desires to accomplish in each of us.

Why “Reflexion”

Reflexion has a number of different meanings for us, including the following:

  • A reflex is an automatic response to stimulation. We desire to develop spiritual reflexes so that we automatically respond to life’s events and God’s works with prayer and worship. Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thes. 5:16-18).
  • Reflection is a way of thinking about something that involves focused attention, Β awareness, and careful consideration. We want to bring this kind of meditative thought to the Scriptures, our walk with God, our inner life, and to God’s nearness in the present moment. Let my meditation be pleasing to Him; As for me, I shall be glad in the LORD (Ps. 104:34).
  • Reflection also occurs when an image is preserved by light bouncing off a surface such as water or mirror. We seek to draw close to God in such a way that the love and goodness of Jesus Christ is visible in our words and actions. But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit (2 Cor. 3:18).

Currently, we are meeting at the Community Clubhouse in Dana Point, 24622 San Juan Ave. at 10:00 am on Sundays.

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  1. Dan Jesolva / Feb 4 2012

    Hi Chuck,

    In 1995 I was just arrested on my second drug posession charge and was at my lowest point. I was released and living with my mom in Diamond Bar and my brother invited me to Capo Beach Calvary. Having nothing better to do, I went and the only thing I remember was that Jesus spoke to my heart through your transperancy and humbleness and Chris Folsom sang a song where the chorus was “Jesus in the morning Jesus in the night, Jesus wathching over me, everyghing is alright.” I would later see him at one of the men’s retreat and I shared the story and he said at worship that he would sing this song first and he did. Me and my now wife of 12 years went to CBC for many years on both Thursday and Saturday nights all the way from Chino Hills. We loved it and would talk all the way home about the message. People thought we were crazy for driving that far for Church, but we thought that people drove a lot farther for jobs they hate why not a Church we love. To make a long story short, we had children and the long drive was not as much fun, plus we wanted to have a Church family closer to home. It was hard, but we always knew that it wasn’t your goal to build a large mega Church but to make diciples through the Holy Spririt and affect people in our own community. In a way I had to separate from CBC to grow. ( I hope that make sense) Anyway, we have found a great Church home and are in service to our God in anyway he desires and I have also been sober and clean for 16 years. Thank you for giving me the base that has allowed me to grow and do things in Christ that I thought were impossible.
    Dan Jesolva and Family.

  2. jamie brown / Feb 28 2013

    LOVE what you guys are doing! Just wanted to share with you that in June The Community of Francis and Clare will be opening Lothlorien House here in Panama City, FL. Our particular mission is teaching spiritual practices including contemplative prayer. We are into transcending dogma and practicing the Presence! Check out our website and feel free to contact us. We consider Reflexion to be a part of our communion. Love, Sister Jamie

  3. Linda / Apr 21 2013

    chuck, God has used you in my life since 93, I used to listen to you on the radio. I used to say ahhh that is the cool surfer pastor. 93 was an extremely difficult year for me. thank you God has given you a “voice” not just any voice a comforting soothing voice. You encourage people with your words, you pray, you inspire people to seek God. In 98 I met you and wow, all I can say first time I went to salt creek God is in that place. After that I went on thurs nights only, driving 40 miles one way seemed like a blink of an eye. you care about people and the you also affected my son’s life, in a positive way too. as a single mom at the time I thank you. I also went through an unpleasant divorce. (most are not pleasant right?)
    every thurs I was so blessed the holy spirit was so present, and also the worship was so filled with the spirit you could not help but sing every word.
    I am so glad that you are teaching others, praying encouraging, lifting up others, and being there as God has called you to do.
    you have a gift and I am blessed in being able to listen from home with my doggie on Sundays
    thank you (my dog likes your voice too)
    please remember phil1:3 I thank my God on every remembrance of you. we remember you and your family in our prayers always.
    today was what I need to hear πŸ™‚ perfect timing

  4. Micki Sheets / May 11 2013

    Due to time constraints I’m not able to attend Chuck’s Sunday services at 10am. Are there any podcasts available? God Bless.

  5. Chuck Smith, Jr. / May 14 2013

    Micki, we are in the process of giving more attention to this site, to improve and enhance what we are able to offer others through it. At present, we only have archived videos of previous Bible studies. We hope to have other ways of making these messages available to people soon.

    And thank you for asking!

  6. Barbara Murphy / May 14 2013

    Hi Chuck! I just now found out about this through Matt Whitlock. I am so overjoyed that you are back. My kids and I attended CBC for years until we moved to Brea in 1999 so my disabled daughter wouldn’t have to ride a bus 6 hours a day because the only school that would accept her is in Buena Park. I drove down a few times, but it was just too much because of my daughter. We moved back to SC after my daughter graduated 2 years ago. In all those years, I never did find a home church in North OC – nothing could even come close to the acceptance and direction I found at CBC and that is unreservedly of what you brought to the church. I am so disheartened that just 2 weeks ago I accepted a Sunday assignment at work. If I had only known sooner : ( One way or another I will get coverage some week and come to Refexion – meantime, I’ll pray that a Saturday evening service eventually comes together. I feel so joyful knowing you are back – so many need you πŸ˜€

  7. Barbara Murphy / May 14 2013

    Scratch that! I just begged my boss to let me change my hours on Sunday and he agreed. Looking forward to Sunday πŸ˜€

  8. laura nelson / May 20 2013

    We finally have email:) I’m thrilled to get the dailys, now I might have a clue…or not so much. At least I can check in now and then.

  9. Chuck Smith, Jr. / May 21 2013

    That’s terrific, Laura. I’m pleased that we now have this additional way to keep in touch.

  10. Chuck Smith, Jr. / May 21 2013

    We’ll see you soon, Barbara.

  11. Doug Spohn / Jun 14 2013

    Chuck – It was nice to discover that you are still a seeker; don’t ever stop! Last I remember, you were the pastor at CC in Capistrano Beach when I happened to drive by on vacation one summer and eye-spied a flyer promoting the Lonnie Frisbee film. Stopped at Calvary that night and watched it – thoroughly enjoyed it and the commentary/discussion afterwards. I had lived in SJC until 1987 and then moved to WA for a job opportunity, am still here. In 1971, my girlfriend at the time had dated your brother Jeff a bit before me. I’ve always wondered what happened to all those Calvary people from back in the day. Seems like you are doing well and that’s certainly good news. Take care! Doug

  12. Cindy Brown / Jul 2 2013

    I am thankful for our community of believers.
    I need prayer for my grandson Sawyer, his friends and entire Siciliani family who lost their son and husband in a car wreck this past week.
    The prayer request is for the Holy Spirit to give comfort and to work in a mighty way at the memorial and that the perfect words will come to mind as the speakers prepare to talk about their buddy and his dad.
    Thank you,

  13. Robert Thompson / Jul 14 2013

    Hi Chuck

    We missed the last trip you did to Israel but we are still yearning to go for the first time. Would love it to be with you. Any plans for you to do another trip soon?



  14. Chuck Smith, Jr. / Jul 15 2013

    Nothing on the calendar yet, Robert, but planning for every tour we’ve done has always begun with the first request. πŸ™‚


  15. Robert Thompson / Jul 15 2013

    Great! My sister said she would bring her family so if you count everyone I Think were upto about 6 to 8 requests! I’ll spread the word… to speak ; )

  16. karen ybarra / Oct 3 2013

    Dear Chuck,

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today.. . . On my heart and in my thoughts+
    I know the great joy your dad , now , has in heaven but feel the loss here today.
    Please know that we are thinking of you. God’s love and comfort be with you . +
    Take Care. . .

    Karen Ybarra

  17. Deborah Ann Sutton / Oct 5 2013

    I have never seen so many quotes of yours, so taken out of context, so many times, and then last year, I saw that happen to your dad, our beloved Papa Chuck, someone said …oh well it doesn’t matter now…so many things do not matter…and yet now he knows…
    We love you so! such peace in knowing: when we are with the LORD (Father, Son and Holy Ghost+) that we know all things finally ! that God knew all along, and now he knows all the things that were so misinterpreted for so long…
    HE is with you! always has and always will be…and you! are a great vessel of him…as you once said of my husband…a trophy on GOD’s Mantel.
    love deborah and Rick Sutton

  18. JoAnna Tupman / Oct 13 2013

    I truly enjoyed your video streaming this morning, Chuck. I have shared some of your teaching with friends “across the pond”! I know you know… you are loved by God and appreciated (as well as loved) by so many of us:)

  19. Pam Houseknecht / Oct 15 2013

    You have been in my thoughts often these past two weeks. Having lost my own father about 20 months ago, I empathize with your loss. I’ve been remembering all of the kindness and love you showed me, often at times that I was not able to express my heartfelt thanks to you. May you now be surrounded by love, peace, and comfort.

  20. ed friel / Nov 22 2013

    I pray for you often Jr. So sorry about Sr. 76 was a long time ago..You had great hair…
    We threw mine off the pier at San Clemente. He wanted the Pacific and He got it. Its a felony though but for my brother and me toatlly KOOL -at the time. He deserved better kids and a better funeral. 20 years later I still miss mine more with each passing day-as I will now miss yours too..

  21. valentina Karpenko / Dec 29 2013

    I use to always believe that you don’t have anything if you don’t have your health. After todays Reflexion service, I’ve changed my perspective. Now I believe that you don’t have anything if you don’t have the nearness of GOD in your life. HE is all I need!!! Thank you Chuck for purifying the eyes of my heart πŸ™‚ May our New Year be blessed with GOD’s continual presence. πŸ™‚

  22. Heather Bengis / Mar 3 2014

    Dear Pastor Chuck, Jr.,

    My brother-in-law, Roland, and I are still looking forward to joining you and your group (the Lord willing), in early Spring of 2015, on your possible trip to Israel. Keep us posted! Thanks again for your great teaching!

    xoxo in Jesus, Heather Bengis, Dana Point

  23. Chuck Smith, Jr. / Mar 4 2014

    Heather, we should have information (perhaps even brochures) by the middle of this month. We’ll keep you posted.

  24. Tracy Smith / Apr 21 2014

    Chuck … Pls. keep me posted on the spring Holy Land trip … do you have dates yet?

    Here’s my Easter FB post and you’re in it, so thought I’d share:

    Holy Week is always particularly poignant for me. I am an intelligent Christian, frustrated and embarrassed by the RWNJ’s warped (and loud) views of Jesus’ msg. I haven’t had a home church in a long time and I miss it.

    My Damascus road experience happened in an OCC math class where I was introduced to “i”, the sq. rt. of -1. At that moment I realized that God MUST exist and S/He has an awesome sense of humor. Chuck Sr’s Calvary was nearby but after a while, discovering there were too many irreconcilable differences w/my world view (like science), I left. I still went to church … lots of them, looking for home and years later, found Chuck Jr’s Calvary Chapel Capo Beach.

    One story to illustrate what a good fit it was: Hawkings’ “Brief History of Time” came out and I was thrilled by it. However nobody else seemed interested so I was thrilled all by my lonesome. Soon after Chuck introduced our summer theme: Believing in God in the 21st century. He cited Hawkings’ book extensively. Tracy wept.

    Throughout the years, I’ve peeked into Capo Beach, and still Chuck didn’t reappear from his hiatus. But yesterday I found him @ Reflexion Connexion. I watched the 4/13 sermon and was thrilled to hear Chuck’s intelligent teaching spiced w/pranayama, attraction, shalom & other cherished elements. At noon, I was able to live stream the Easter service. Yayyyy! Wolfe, you were SO wrong; you can go home again.

    So, my cohort of loving Christians, don’t give up our faith to the haters or fools … if you don’t have a home or you’re feeling stifled and can’t make space within the home you’re in, keep looking … there’s a place for you. Shalom … namaste … love, trace

  25. Chuck Smith, Jr. / Apr 21 2014


    Our tentative dates are February 22 – March 5th, 2015. I hope to have confirmation and brochures by the end of this month.



  26. Robert Thompson / Apr 29 2014

    Chuck we still want to go but are a little concerned about our daughter missing the time from school now that she’s in high school (10th grade next year) Ther is so much pressure these days on grades. I’m going to talk to a school counselor and get there opinion.

    Hopefully we can make it happen!

  27. Tracy Smith / May 1 2014

    Yayyy, next year in Jerusalem! It’s probably less expensive w/a roommate so perhaps RefCon can help me find a roomie; maybe Robert’s daughter? I’m an excellent tutor … πŸ™‚ Chuck, are you teaching 5/11? I’m heading west & will route through Dana Point if you are. Best … trace

  28. Heather Bengis / May 4 2014




  29. Heather Bengis / May 5 2014

    Hi again Chuck,

    A great Israel Trip update to my earlier message… two more will be joining us. Instead of two single rooms, we will be ordering two double occupancy rooms. One for Judy Skraba and me, and one for Roland Tichy (my brother-in-law) and Gary Skraba (Judy’s son).

    Judy says to say hello to you and Barbara!!

    Fondly, Heather Bengis

  30. Chuck Smith, Jr. / May 15 2014

    Good to hear from you Robert.

    It is not necessarily the best thing for a sophomore to miss two weeks of school just before mid-terms and finals, but it is possible to make it work. The years that we took our older children to Israel, we spoke to each of their teachers, requested homework assignments for the days they would miss, and suggested (to the English teacher) that our child turn in a report on their trip to Israel when he or she returned. In general, their teachers recognized that it was an important opportunity for our children and were always helpful. Typically, our oldest daughter would try to plow through her homework on the flight/s over to Israel to leave as little to do as possible once she was there.

    However, if not this year, we know that Israel will always be there.


  31. Robert Thompson / Jun 3 2014

    Thanks Chuck

    Not sure how much time we have but we will make a decision soon. Really hoping we can pull it off!

    (just checked out the brochure)

  32. Robert Thompson / Jun 4 2014

    P.S. Just exchanged messages with the counselor. She thinks we should wait to see how she starts out the school year but is all for it. Hopefully it won’t be closed out in the fall. If not we would really like to go!

  33. J. Cobo / May 22 2015

    Hi Chuck, Just wanted you to know you’re in my prayers. Keep seeking the truth. Our Lord will guide you. Have you ever checked out Marcus Grodi’s ministry The coming home network. ?? I think you’ll enjoy it.

    Praying you’ll come home to Rome. :))

  34. Dan De alba / Jul 16 2015

    What a beautiful way..The saviors leading ..After reading De mello and Merton ..and being g awake ..God was amazing and humbling to see, feel and hear his manifesting presence. In streets not”thy kingdom come”.. upon, deeper. Soul searching, I was feeling isolated, alone in the dark night. ..Lonely. .I no longer..qoute or fit into dead eschatology. ..Though others were also awaking and open to mystical living teaching. I felt a need to find like-minded fellow pilgrims. God answers prayers through others. Within a month I heard of your journey and new fellowship. ..a deep sense of relief in finding this–to me, a city of refuge..or hiding place..for hungry souls. Thank you for taking that internal fork in the road. A daily decision indeed..thanks again chuck ..look forward to our first meeting hopefully this peace and dan

  35. Alfred mandala. Malawi, central Africa / Oct 22 2015

    May the grace of God be with you Chuck and the entire congregation of calvary chapel around the globe.
    I have followed reflexion connexion, just recently i am blessed and insipired with your teachings, God is speaking through you man of God. Your teachings are very powerful and are Holy Spirit insipirational. Be blessed may the good Lord continue to bless you, and gives you revelations, as He always do.
    God bless calvary chapel.

  36. Chuck Smith, Jr. / Nov 2 2015

    Thank you, Pastor Alfred Mandala.
    I pray that God gives you far more grace and a much greater harvest than the Calvary Chapel churches have ever seen, for your work for him is in an environment that is many times more difficult than what we have faced here in the United States.
    Grace and peace in our Lord Jesus,
    chuck smith, jr.

  37. Susan Bryant / Apr 23 2016

    Chuck, I found you after nearly 30 years! Attended the CC before the “bowling alley” and then a couple more years at CC Capo before marrying and leaving west coast. Never did I find a teacher, guide, “pastor” like you since. You baptized me in 1986, counseled & prayed with me thru a severe depressive episode in 1987, you taught me about the compassion, empathy and love of Jesus thru the gospels. You were more real & sincere than most “christian church pastors/leaders” I’ve heard or known since. Something made me google you !! What a surprise this was to read all about the changes in your life since 1987 and to eventually be led here to Reflexions……right where you were spiritually heading all along! I KNEW there was something special about you!! Having grappled with some of the same moral issues traditionally taught (forced upon) “true believers”, as it seems you have through the years it blew my mind to read about your life since 1987! Your twins were babies back then, I believe. So sorry to know you experienced the heartbreache of divorce- but was thrilled to read about how openly you shared your pain with your congregation at the time. Basically I want to tell you how instrumental you were in instigating my spiritual journey with Jesus. It was your humility and honest vulnerability that did it for me! Plan to visit your website regularly as I now live in Texas. God is soooo good!

  38. Beth Kean / Jun 27 2018

    My God cover your mind with His glory that it will forever encounters His power of presence, may you breathe the breath of God everlasting, may your perception keep you safe from destroying forces with faith, may you wield the word of truth with exuberance & pleasure always centered it truth of spirit & truth with peace with your stance. Finally with Jesus Christ as your rearguard the confidence of ultimate safety. Amen

    I miss you Chuck, tear, glad you are well. I often think of you when I encounter a nugget of truth & how much I’d like to share it with you. Feeding on scripture makes my heart beat deep. ✝️

  39. Bill Livingston / Jul 8 2018

    An hour after the question period was over, I thought of my question for Ester. “Healing from my church upbringing took 30+ years; could your ministry have done it quicker?”

  40. Sue Ziehmer Harris / Jun 7 2019

    Hi Chuck! A few weeks ago you mentioned a man who struggled with cocaine, then was able to stop after an experience at Calvary. It brought up my own June 13, 1993 spiritual experience at Capo Beach Calvary, and simply put, I just wanted you to know that this year I will be 26 years sober and free from alcohol thanks to your invitation to visit the prayer room after your Sunday morning service. My many, many attempts to stop drinking were futile without turning it over to a higher power. So, as my anniversary approaches, thank you.

  41. Kate Garvey / Apr 11 2020

    Hi Chuck. I’m glad to see you’re still sharing your love of God and the wisdom of your studies. I attended CBC a long time ago and it set me free of dogma. A 30 year old dream is coming to fruition i bought a home near dana point and I am finally moving back to south orange county in September.
    Having just found the website today I feel like its validation that this move is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. I’d appreciate prayers as I work through the timing and details of selling my house in Boise and prepare to leave a long IT career to pursue a simpler and more creative next chapter .

  42. Chuck Smith, Jr. / Apr 13 2020

    We will be happy to welcome you back when you arrive.
    In the meantime, have you seen our page on Facebook? Every Sunday morning our service (or, for now, just my talk) is live if on Facebook you search for Reflexion, a spiritual community. It starts at 10:00 am, but it is posted there, so you can see it any time.
    May the Lord continue to move in your life, opening all the right doors.

  43. Kate Garvey / Sep 5 2020

    Hello, Despite all the challenges and heartaches going on I have so much to be grateful for. I’ll be making a long cross country trip to see family so asking for prayers while travelling. Also, very grateful as I’ll be headed to the area finally in mid-October….another long trip with very, very old pet.

    I’ve been so thankful for the podcasts. It helps me feel connected and anchored to my faith. So often the opening prayers speak perfectly all that is on my heart.

    Thanks in advance to all for your thoughts and prayers.

  44. Chuck Smith, Jr. / Sep 7 2020

    Kate, I’m praying for safety in your travels and blessings with your family. Also, that you would be aware of the companionship of Jesus the whole way.

  45. Ralph Giugliano / Dec 6 2020

    Thx for the teaching of the overview of the book of Hebrews. I have always enjoyed teachings of whole books of the Bible. Valerie and I are living in Menifee California. Still walking with Jesus and fellowshiping at Revival in Menifee under Pastor John Miller. May God through His Son Jesus continue to bless your ministry to all who are looking forward to His appearing.

  46. Chuck Smith, Jr. / Dec 7 2020

    Ralph, it is a blessing to hear from you, and especially to know that you are still living close to our Lord Jesus. Thank you for posting, my day is brighter for it. –chuck

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