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Jul 2 / Chuck Smith, Jr.

Guided Prayer

On Sunday July 20, rather than beginning our meeting with a prayer, I walked us through a prayer. Being that we had reached our twelfth week of talks on body parts, it seemed appropriate to bring attention to one way of “presenting” our bodies to God. I was asked to make that prayer available for others to use in their own quiet time. Since I had not prepared the prayer, this may not be the exact script, but it will be close enough.
I would suggest that you read the prayer onto a recording device in your own voice (there are recording apps for most smart phones). Read slowly and softly, pausing occasionally to allow yourself to feel what is happening in your body.
There is nothing magical, or even unique, about this prayer. It is simply another way to pray that we can add to our collection. As always, the most important part of prayer is the connection with God that occurs in prayer. This is possible through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Slowly draw in a deep, cleansing breath, and slowly exhale.
Repeat the cleansing breath, being mindful of the passage of air
into and out of your lungs.
Repeat the cleansing breath.

Imagine a warm oil gently poured over you.
Notice that it covers the entire crown of your head.
Receive this as an anointing of God’s Spirit.
As this warm presence slowly descends, it brings peace.

Feel this warm peace flow down to your eyebrows.
Relax your forehead as your receive this gift.
Surrender to God and the peace of his presence.

The warm peace comes over you eyes,
and the muscles around them relax.
Feel the warmth on your cheeks, over your nose,
and into your sinuses.
At the same time, your ears are covered with peace.

The peaceful warmth spills over your mouth.
Your lips receive it and relax.
Your tongue relaxes.
Your teeth and gums relax.
Now your jaw also is warm and relaxed.
Notice how your entire head and face
are bathed in peaceful rest.
Surrender your head and face to God’s Spirit.

The warmth continues downward.
Your neck receives God’s peace.
Notice the warmth as it moves outward,
over your right shoulder,
down your upper right arm to your elbow;
down your forearm to your wrist.
Feel the peace that flows into the palm of your right hand;
into your thumb,
and out to the tip of each finger.

Now your left shoulder is bathed in warmth;
down your upper left arm to your elbow;
down your forearm to your wrist.
Feel the warmth that flows into the palm of your left hand;
into your thumb,
and out to the tip of each finger.

Take a moment and notice how the warm peace
covers your entire head and neck,
and over your shoulders, arms, and hands.
Rest in God’s Spirit.

As the warmth descends into your chest and upper back,
surrender to the Spirit’s touch.
Relax your neck, shoulders, and upper chest and back.

Feel the warmth cover your stomach and lower back.
Notice how your entire upper body is enveloped in peace.

The soothing oil continues to flow,
down your right hip and into your thigh;
down your upper right leg to your knee;
down your shin and calf, into your ankle;
down to your heel, the sole of your right foot,
and out to the tips of your right toes.

Now your left hip and thigh,
down your upper left leg to your knee;
down your shin and calf, into your ankle;
down to your heel, the sole of your left foot,
and out to the tips of your left toes.
Notice how both legs are relaxed.

Return to the crown of your head,
and follow the flow of peace over your face,
down your neck, shoulders, arms and hands.
Down your abdomen and back,
your hips and thighs;
your legs and feet
to the tips of your toes.
Read in this peaceful presence.

Turning our attention to our insides,
begin with that rational part of your brain.
It is located above your eyes, behind your forehead.
Speak gently to that part of your brain.
Tell it, “For now, there is nothing you need to figure out.
No calculations to make, no riddles to solve.
Be still.”

Moving into the interior of your brain,
tell that emotional part,
“For now, there is nothing to fear.
Nothing to worry about.
No complaints. No arguments.
Peace. Be still.”

Moving down into the brainstem,
where your brain connects with the spinal column,
tell that part of your brain,
“For now, there is no emergency.
There is no need to ring any alarm.
No need to activate the body to any action.
Let your body know that it is in God’s hands;
that it can rest in his love.
All is well.”

Allow God’s peace to move from your spine,
through your peripheral nerves,
into your entire body,
out to the boundary of your skin.

Let your throat relax.
Allow your esophagus to carry warmth
into your stomach
and through your digestive tract.

Feel the air that passes through your trachea,
down into your lungs,
and surrender that part of your body to God’s peace.

As oxygen moves from your lungs to your heart,
say the word “Peace” to your heart.
Say “Peace” to your kidneys and liver.
Say “Peace” to your pancreas and your spleen.
If you have gall bladder and appendix,
say “Peace” to each of them.

Notice how your entire body is in a state of rest.
You trust your body to God.
You surrender it to his Spirit.

Spend a moment enjoying this quiet stillness.

When you are ready,
give thanks to God.
Move into your next activity,
knowing that God is with you,
and you are completely his.

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  1. valentina karpenko / Jul 4 2021

    Yes, I would love a copy of this guided prayer Chuck. Maybe one day I can lead a group of people in a meditation prayer like this. I took a class from Frank years ago on Lectio Devina but I lost all the paper work in my move & don’t know how to get a hold of him. Thank you also for clarifying the Soul from the Spirit. I needed that. May the LORD richly & abundantly bless YOU!!! Thank you, Chuck!

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