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Apr 20 / Chuck Smith, Jr.

Sunday’s Prayer

O God, our Father,
Creator of all that is good
and beautiful,
breathe again Your Spirit into our hearts.

Today we are grateful for all those
who every day risk their own health and safety
to devote themselves to healing others.
Please, Lord, protect them from this disease.
And also, keep safe all those
who are most vulnerable,
because of their age,
or impaired health,
their living arrangements,
or their poverty,
or homelessness.

Bless all those who continue working
to provide essential services.
Bless all farmers and packing house workers,
all truck drivers and grocers,
all pharmacists and clerks.

Though we are separated by the danger
of worldwide pestilence,
let us feel the oneness of heart
that we have together in You.
A safe distance from each other,
may we feel our sacred togetherness.
Let this time be to us
a valuable investment in our spirits,
to keep us strong and loving for others,
and faithfully devoted to You.
These things we pray
through Jesus Christ,
Your Son and our Lord and Savior.

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